Application Sales Associate

Centric Realty Sales Associate Application

Thank you very much for your interest in registering with Centric Realty. We have a simple process for new applicants which is as follows:

• Complete online registration form (this one)

• Interview with both Marisol Figueroa (office manager) and myself, Jose Rodriguez (broker)

• Join the local board of REALTORS

Before submitting this form please do note that we at Centric Realty take the practice of real estate seriously. We recognize that both full and part time agents can reach their financial objectives but only if they are diligent and responsible to their clients, their broker and themselves. If this sounds like your approach to real estate, please complete this form and submit. We will review and look forward to meeting with you shortly.

Please fully complete this form. Partially completed forms will not be processed..

There is no minimum requirement, but keep in mind this is like any other business, you must invest in your new business otherwise the chances of success are reduced significantly.
Climer, Agent, Friend, etc.